Londons New Years firework display

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Happy new year to everyone if you celebrate it,
And hello to those that don`t :-)

I decided to make a last minute dash to go and see the fireworks in town for the New years celebrations....

Happy new year to everyone if you celebrate it,
And hello to those that don`t :-)

I decided to make a last minute dash to go and see the fireworks in town for the New years celebrations....

10 minutes past 11, fully equipped with warm clothing waterproofs cyder etc ;-) I am legging it to the tube station,

When I got there I asked the Ticket guy, can I get to Westminster Bridge watch the fireworks from the bridge and retreat fast, before the crowd, and catch the tube back to Hammersmith?

Yes! no problems...the tube and buses are free and are running all night....

"What a load of Bollox"

I arrive at Westminster in time to hear "clear the Station we are closing early"

So I ask why are you closing and get told that the trains are still running but they won`t be stopping here as the Police have shut them down due to overcrowding problems,
I asked why wasn`t it posted on the boards at other stations that this might happen?

It he says was in the Papers, London Underground website and on the TV News....

1- I don`t usually read newspapers
2- I don`t often have web access
3- I don`t watch TV at home

After a bit more talking I find out that the Station knew about the planned closure a few weeks ago and it was to be between 11,45 and not to open till at least 1am or untill the crowds have dispersed and being told it is okay to do so by the Police.

I had a look out of the entrance and saw that it was wall to wall people outside and dived back on to the tube to the Embankment....

I got outside to see loads of barriers going up and the police cordening of the area, diverting people up to the Strand, I marched straight through the gap in the barrier saying " good Evening Gents" to the Old Bill and walk up Villiers st, find another barrier, people out but not back in...the Strand was packed...

I dissapeared up the side streets betwen the Embankment and the Strand barriers with hardly seeing anyone and find myself at the back of the Savoy hotel on what seemed to be a private road....
There is a big roof with columns, and the road is for the Limo`s to drop you off at the Hotel,
between the columns there is a small wall with a rail on the top about 6 foot tall, and a row of plastic wheeliy bins which when your sitting on them have a well placed hand grab for a footrest and are the perfect height to lean on the railing...I then looked over the wall and see that it is about 10 metres down to another road below...

So dry from the rain with five other people, cyder etc with a good view and sitting comfortably we waited with baited breath for the ?1,000,000 pound Display..... was fuqin crap!!! was....

Dress the London Eye with different colour lights and make them flash in rotation and fire a few streamer type fireworks into the air to resemble a giant Catherine wheel followed by a few white Saturns rings a small white Chrysanthynum and then one big Chrysanthynum (Airbursts) with a big bang and ...that was it....
I bet most of the money was taken up by insuring the wheel and red tape...

People block being setup

Final firework

End of part one

More tommorow as it`s bedtime...

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so this year you will know what to do before going to watsh the fireworks! ;)

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