The Reverend Rat - Biography (2003)

The Reverend Rat - Biography (2003)


Right for those that don`t know me ....well were do I start? I am an old
git (43) by most youngsters estimates, with characteristics of Victor Meldrew and Alf Garnet, :-)

I was a biker for most of my life, I have made a couple of Trikes and
Chops, did my back in (discoptomy on the lower 4th and 5th) ((I think thats how it`s spelt)), after many years of abuse, so I can`t risk riding anymore,

if I fall off it would put me in a wheelchair for life, so I have to play

I got into computers 4 years ago.

Divorced after 12 years of being married but I am still a close friend with my ex, Ani.

I like Urban exploration and making use of things people throw away,
especially electronic bits and pieces, also I am into Archery, Horse riding, Muay Thai Boxing, other martial arts, Raving, D and B, Trance and Classical music and pretty much most other types of music depending on my mood...and I miss the Sea (I was brought up on the Norfolk coast), I also miss the surfing. I am Classically trained in singing and piano but prefer playing Blues and Jazz but not Big Band style, I rarely play any thing these days except my Guitar or a Blues harmonica which is occasionally.

I have 16 computers at the moment and 4 are Macs, I prefer Win 2k pro over Linux/Unix/Bsd, and am into WiFi,

I have been to London 2600 for the last 2 and a half years without missing a single meeting...

And no....before any one asks, I am not a Vegetarian, I lived it for
three years and it didn`t work for me.

That's enough for now, it gives you a reasonable insight of me.

If you want to know more, feel free to Email me :-)


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