Kids, or anyone else for that yourselves a favour Don`t "PLAY" with guns.

Hi everyone,
I have been very busy one way or another, hence if you are a regular reader you will notice that my blogs sometimes go up in little batches every few days.


Kids, or anyone else for that yourselves a favour Don`t "PLAY" with guns.


There is a bunch of "Role play gamers" that I know, and one of them was pratting about with a blank firing 8mm semi auto pistol,

He stuck it into his waistband down the front of his trousers and went to pull it out....and yeah you guessed it....he accidently pulled the trigger,
he had the gun angled away from the family jewels but...

A- there was a round in the breach
B- the round was *nitro powder and not black powder
C- the safety was off
D- "the blow hole is on top of the piece" and not out of the front..."this" is usual with blank firers.

Result = Singed and burnt bits and pieces, that if they were yours you would not be very happy at all, and a debate with friends and Surgeons on whether the bits will work properly again ?

This resulted in mostly no`s.

I missed seeing it happen but I did see the aftermath,

Not Pretty...and I have seen some sights over the years.


The P4 computer I found seems to be dead :-(
but there are still some useful bits to have from it :-)


London 2600 meeting on friday the 2nd January 2004 at the usual place.


And thats about it for the last couple of days,
So CSB, and thanks for reading.

*Black powder = loud, smokey and low power
Nitro is black powder that has been doctored with additives and = Several times louder, burns very fast with hardly any smoke and very powerful.

Think along the lines of cheap Banger compared to an Airbomb, fireworks wise.

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