Cider and Free food

The Great cheap Cider drought hit`s the west...

So I went to "Maccy Dees" ...
Free Dinner Mk.1.

Would you believe it ?....
Free Dinner Mk.2.

The Great cheap Cider drought hit`s the west...

Hi Everyone,

As most of you probally know, Cider is practically my life blood :-) and I make it a point to know of every special offer in the area concerning Cider...
I link up with two other cider drinkers that live in my street to compare prices, and if a shop is lax on ordering stock I am the one that goes in and get results :-)

But at the moment there are no specials and all the fifty percent extra free`s have gone :-(

We have to do a round trip of an hour to get it from Shepherds bush at the moment...Humph..


Hopefully if things work as well as yesterday I should be able to post the outstanding photos....Just about ...Here.X.
Rockets at the Beach Party
My ceiling above the computers during the leak


If... you have one of those "Oyster cards" that are being touted by the "London Transport" system then watch out...if the pass scanner detects one of 46 errors, it won`t let you through the barrier,
If you don`t get through, the Guard has a point to scan the card which has a readout with fault codes,

The Ticket Guards carry a little calling card with all the codes on them and they are supposed to memorize them all, but most of the guys can`t be assed and will wave you through with their card if you smile and act of the codes is loitering on a platform or space for to long and everything is logged????

How does it know that you have been on one platform to long, and not gone off on the tube and come back with out going outside the staion`s gates ? and then I notice another code that shows how long you have been in transit ...unless it is linked somehow to the Camera observation system with one of those fancy crowd monitering systems...Hmmmm

While I am at it...I noticed in the 20 minutes of chatting to the guy that around one in eight travel cards fail to open the barriers out of about two hundred surveyed...So if the Oysters are worse as rumoured, how many failures are they having? I couldn`t give a fair I only saw fourteen used..... and five failed ;-)

Oh, and back to the Oyster cards, if you update your card online, unless you set an activation date for a few days in advance or whatever it will set to tommorows date, and if you don`t refresh it at the special point (station designated by you), on the day you have, or the default has specified, you will only have twenty four hours to reflash it, or it will lock out your card and have to go to get it manually activated...


I am having grevious with a trapped nerve in my leg, so am not getting out much, so I am sorry that there`s not much to post at the moment...Oh and how much MORE rain do we need ?
It plays havoc with warwalking (and the chalk is gone in seconds ;-) also I want an ulralight pseudo BT type tent and a little stool with a built in shelf for the lap top, I wouldn`t mind the rain so much then...I don`t like paying to use the internet :-)


Here`s Something... You ever had one of those very rare days were "everything" goes right (except the above) and nothing has kicked you up the ar*e ? plus getting bonuses on top?

I had one today... A couple of days ago, I gave a pile of old ISA sound and graphic cards with a few other bits, that were well surplus to requirements, to a guy who works at the internet cafe and is building a "retro" gaming computer for all the old "DOS" based games and wants to make it a top spec` machine for the era...

We agreed on the deal,...the price of a bottle of Cider...I went in to collect it today and he gave me Twenty Quid, and it`s the day before pay day!!! He was more than happy as one of the cards is exactly what he wanted :-)


Yeah! I get to eat a day early :-)

So I went to "Maccy Dees" ...
Free Dinner Mk.1.

I asked for a burger without pickle,....that way you get a fresh burger, instead of one that has been sweating in the keep warm cabinet, I got told it would take a couple of minutes but they will call me, and to take a seat in the meantime...

9 minutes later ..."where`s my burger !!!?"...Oh sorry it is and pulls it out of the cabinet annnddd....
You guessed`s got pickles!!!!
I had got half way through the "Big burger" and then found the offending items...

So I went back and the guy says sit down, we will bring you another one without pickle, and it "Will Be" in a couple of minutes this time, we are very sorry etc...

So I went and learned a few things about gaining a connection on brightly coloured boxes for ten minutes or so and realise that there is still no burger...Where the hell is it?....oh sorry, I forgot about you, here you go, and offered me a free doughnut as compensation...
I laughed and said "no thank you..where`s the Manager ?"

The Manager got me to check the new burger had no pickle, and then reimbursed the cost of the said item to me, Whahey, one and a half big burgers for nothing and free net access to boot... ;-)


Would you believe it ?....
Free Dinner Mk.2.

On the way home I go to the supermarket just up the road from me, and decide to buy some dinner, in the "eat by Date" section there was a large lump of butter basted turkey down from ?4.oo to ?2.oo.... so I paid for it and a few other bits, only to then get home to realise that they had charged me the full price!!!!
I am around there pronto..."Oi whatsis ?"....Oops, sorry Sir, here`s a refund plus as a "good will gesture" we will double the money paid to you..nice one! now "Thats" what I call service, Thanks Folks :-)

Heh, and I managed to cook it, without it "exploding" :-p
Ah` but then it had nothing to do with the Microwave this time, so maybe I should just stick with using them for Wi-Fi ;-)


That about sums it up for now,
Sorry for the lapse of postings and as always, thanks for reading,



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