World war three ? Nah, it`s Bonfire night....

I went out for a walk around 19:00Hrs and everything was peaceful, and then all hell broke loose....

Prediction by Rat ....

There used to be a "pirate radio station" called Radio Jackie....

Hi all,

I went out for a walk around 19:00Hrs and everything was peaceful, and then all hell broke loose....
It seemed that everyone decided to launch their fireworks at the same time, there was bits of plastic, glowing pieces of paper and wood raining down from all angles, but, Heh it "was spectacular",

I went on to Hammersmith bridge to watch some of the professional displays, with a little shuffling from one end of the bridge to the other you get to see at least 8 different major events and untolds of garden party fireworks and rockets going off everywhere...wahey it was great, but bloody cold with the wind and chill factor,

Most of the displays are on Friday and Saturday, but on Friday I am doing my display, which because I am so busy rushing around sorting whats to go off next and keeping an eye on the safety and the bonfire, I don`t get much chance to watch and enjoy the fireworks while they are going off,
so Saturday, dressed warm and a bottle of cider etc, I shall go and watch from the bridge, there is usually a good crowd up there and it can be a good laugh.

Prediction by Rat

The country`s getting skint.

I use the quality of firework shows as a direct link to the general finance in when things are good and people happy, the shows are bigger including home displays and then there is a distinct drop in quality when things are more lean, this paired with the cost of electrical bits at the computer shows ...and online, gradually creeping back up, think that makes them sure markers of whats going on,

I will get very *worried* if Cider takes a hoick in the upward trend!!!!


The "powers that be" are supposedly to bring in new laws regarding fireworks and one of them is no fireworks to be used after 23:00 what happens at new years eve ? no more letting them off to celebrate the new year coming in ? Hmmmm...

What happened to Standard fireworks and Brocks ? All the shops seem to stock the cheaper foreign, and often more dodgy than the ones made here brand...
Even the ones a lot of the Pro`s use are bought from British companies, but are often made abroad, and I have seen a lot of them not work properly.....

Winge over :-)

There used to be a "pirate radio station" called Radio Jackie about 30 years ago and they closed down due to pressure from the Broadcast people, they have now bought out Thames radio and are broadcasting again,
I must admit though, they are a bit "Hick" as in if a cat got stuck up a tree it would on the radio news bulletins all day, even if it was totally unharmed,
Where as around here you can wrap a Double Decker bus around a tree with passengers on board then career across the road and knock over a couple of bollards plus a road sign and then end up in the Doctors car park on the other side of the road (I saw it happen) the driver fell asleep....not the first time either, and it dosn`t even make the papers let alone the local Radio station... ok...none was killed or injured.....


The Infernal Decorators from Hell are back again waving paint brushes, they seem to have found little bits that they missed...but they stiil havn`t done the damned chimney :-(

Thats it for tonight everything seems to have settled down, as it is nice and quiet, and at 24:00Hrs I find that reasonable.

Chill out time :-)

Ps, I have just heard this on the radio....if you have a senile website visit,... whoops sorry,....I will rephrase that,....if you havn`t seen our website, visit Radio Jackie etc etc,...I must get my teeth fixed... +:-)

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