WiFi and Sainsbury`s

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WiFi is back up at Leicester Square ...


The fire alarm at the Sainsbury`s complex went off all night .....

Hi all,
As you see my last ratblog went online, the WiFi is back up at Leicester Square but it took ten minutes to get online ?
But once I was connected the signal stayed stable and fat :-)

I had a look at the places that I could use for indoor access when it`s raining and or cold and it works out cheaper to go online at an internet cafe than pay their coffee prices!!!

The spot I was sitting at has been warchalked, it does no harm to the company, they are seeking publicity anyway,
When you log on it tells you on the front splash page that the connection is donated and is part of their campaign, whilst advertising what they do,

So all I am doing is encouraging more potential custom to their business.


The fire alarm at the Sainsbury`s complex went off all night till one of the bosses came in at 8am and turned it off.

They have sirens all around the outside of the buiding and one is at the top of our street,

The Old bill were called to tell them not to worry, it`s a fire alarm and not a burgler alarm and can they let the Firebrigade know that there is no fire...some idiot had broken the emergency alarm box glass, which is in the open loading bay,
also can they contact the owners to turn the damn thing off...pretty please.

That was at midnight and at 3.30am "someone" allegedly got pissed off with the noise, and with gloves, baseball cap and hooded top ...armed with cable cutters, chopped through the pyro cable attached to the siren...that one died but the others were out of reach ...but with that one gone it halved the noise coming down the street :-)

I went into the Shop the next day and had words with the manager...it turns out that the alarm belongs to the owners of the building and not Sainsbury`s also the person on duty was given the wrong number to ring in emergencies like this...he then goes on to say that the alarm went off because someone cut the cable!
I asked him did the camera pick the person up and what time was this?....
The answer was, their alarm panel logged it going off at 3.30am and no...the camera has never worked it`s there as a deterent to stop people going through the bins Hmmmm @:-}

Thats all that`s happening at the moment so it's TTFN CSB.
Thanks for reading.

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When I lived in Peckham alarms were always going off and it drove me nuts. If it rained these shitty alarms went off. All the bloody time. So after not all that many annoyances, I went out and saw phone numbers on some of the alarms. So I rang them. All of them went to some poor sod who had nothing to do with alarms. How bloody evil!

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