Theft, Queries and Lack of connection

I have been thwarted yet again.....

If you are using "Win 2k pro on screen keyboard", how the heck do you "Ctrl Alt Del"....

Deciding that there were enough witnesses, I left them to it :-)....

Chunter, winge, grumble and grumble again, I still havn`t got online :-(

Hello everybody,

I have been thwarted yet again,
I found a spot on connection at Leicester square, the benches were moved out of the way of the fairground rides and were directly in line with the antenna I was trying to connect to, only to not be able to connect to the Internet, I have no idea why, I did all the usual stuff,
Net stumbler and my Avaya software could see the A.P.
I tried pinging and tracerting and ipconfig renew (10 minute leases), to no avail... I couldn`t even ping to the host so maybe it`s something I have b*ggered up on my laptop @:-( if it was, I havn`t worked out what yet... the only thing I have changed is deleting my cookies and temps....Hmmmm...Whatever...

I will be online tommorow one way or another even if I have to climb the "GPO tower" with "Johnny five" to get a connection :-)


Sitting here typing this up and I hear a woman scream several times and running up the road, then stops and shouts at some guy who is following her "just give me my phone back" so I throw open the window and look out to see what is happening...
the guy then suddenly runs up to her and tried to hit her and grab hold of her...whilst noticing that the bag he has in hand is definitely not a "geezer" type bag, contrasting totally with the macho type kit he was wearing...

I shouted to at him to leave her alone and if the bag is hers to give it back and that the police are on the way, also reasuring her that someone is helping her...

He then legs it up the road and the woman looks up to see if I am still watching and decides to go after him sreaming for her stuff back, he then tried to hit her again, so I ran downstairs with my trusty walking stick and find them around the corner...oh sh*t he`s got a few friends...and they are FIT...with a half a dozen women shouting at them, who were being threatened with everything under the sun,
He then saw my mobile phone holster and thought it was a gun :-)
(This isn`t the first time that the same mistake has been made, but thats another tale :-)
Well they backed off, dropped the bag and ran up the High st, Chased by the *"Twos and Blues" that had just turned up, and nicked the guy.

It turns out that the woman was with a group of other woman in a pub up the road and were followed out by a group of men that they didn`t know...and this guy grabbed her bag..

Deciding that there were enough witnesses, I left them to it :-)


Advice please....and, I thank you in advance if you come up with the answer....

If you are using "Win 2k pro on screen keyboard", how the heck do you "Ctrl Alt Del" I can`t work it out and it is doing my head in....the answer is probally looking at me straight in the face but I can`t seem to see it.....

It`s now 4am, so it`s TTFN, CSB.

Thanks for reading.

*Twos and Blues, (English) Colloq` Police, nicknamed this, because of the two tone sirens and blue flashing lights.

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