Karma and Explosions


Dada da!!! Leicester Square here I am...and what the hell is this in front of me?

all of a sudden there is a noise of explosions from the kitchen, uh oh! sounds familiar.....

It must "Karma" for them nicking my spot :-)

Afternoon all,

Dada da!!! Leicester Square here I am...and what the hell is this in front of me?

Someone has decided to start setting up a fairground in the middle of it!!!?

There`s trucks and equipment everywhere and the centre of the square is a no go area for Joe Public,
This space is the only bit with seats that you don`t need to buy something to be able to sit down :-(

I ended up sitting on the pavement squeezed in between the portrait painters and they tell me that the fairground is there all through December....Bah Humbug....

So there I am getting a numb bum putting up my blog when there is a loud crunch followed by a scraping noise behind me and then several people shouting hold it..stop..oh sh*t....

The driver had not realised that there was a banner advertising the fair accross the very narrow gap into the gardens and the thick rope from it was tied to the ornamental lamps at the entrance and he has hit the rope and ripped one of the lamps off it`s post, breaking the power cable to it,
Oh...and big gouges in his wagons expensive fancy paint job.

It ends up with one guy on the roof of the wagon trying to sort out the banner and one guy standing on the shoulders of another trying to rejoin the lamp to it`s post, meanwhile the driver`s ranting and raving....who put the fuqin banner up?...didn`t they think?..fuqin prats, they know that the cu**ing wagons have got to get in and out and it fuqin goes up last..rant curse rant swear...

I then pull out the camera to take a shot and the driver sees it and starts shouting at me if you don`t put that fuqin thing away, I will stick it so far up your fuqin ar*e you will be chewing the fuqin thing..go on..just piss off.. :-)

He then goes back to shouting at the other guys, use some rip ties on the tossin thing...anything...just get it back on that fuqin pole you fuqin ar*eholes...you have got ties havn`t you? well fuqin go and get them...what do you frickin mean you fuqin don`t know where they are? go and find them and don`t fuqin come back till you find them..and hurry I don`t want to be here all fuqin night...mutter growl mutter.....

It must "Karma" for them nicking my spot :-)


My roofs started leaking badly and it`s right above my computers....Panic then rant at the housing trust...they "WILL" fix the problem on wednesday afternoon...

The same people claim that they didn`t know of anything about the chimney problem next door and that they have no record of it being reported even though they remember me coming in, out of all their "customers" but not what I told them about or showed them on my laptop, and have "lost" the floppy disk of the photos that I may or may not have left with them.....


I recover from the trauma of the "exploding Spuds" only to get introduced to a new hazard...."Sausages"....

I suddenly decided I fancy sausage *butties and grab a packet out of the freezer,

Stage One.... bung them in the microwave for six minutes on defrost,
Stage Two.... turn them over for another four minutes on defrost,
Stage three... cook them in the frying pan.

Stage one went well... Stage two under way I go back to the computer, all of a sudden there is a noise of explosions from the kitchen, uh oh! sounds familiar.....

Duh....I forgot to select defrost at stage two and the sodding things exploded all over the inside of the microwave, now I know why they colloquially call them bangers.

Like, who needs explosives? just empty out your food supply, cook it wrong, and it`s goodbye World :-)

Next week....How to cook whole eggs in a microwave, you do wrap them in bacofoil first?...don`t you? ;-)


I have a pet hate at the moment....and it`s those wannabe W4I\1k3r5 at the till that have to pay for less than ?2.00`s worth of goods by credit card...it takes so long to process and if you have a few of these orifice workers in front of you it takes ages to get served....Grrrr....and -don`t- you even mention "Cashback"!!!!! double plus Grrrr....offspring from unmarried parents...the lot of them....

Rant over...


Night night.

* Buttie = Sandwich....another "Quaint" English expression ;-)


you can actually fry sausages from frozen. you don't even need any oil as the sausages give up so much fat. just make sure you do it slowly on a medium heat, to start with at least.

great if like me you don't have a microwave...

Even a brand new microwave oven is not expensive these days e.g. Currys are selling:

MATSUI M100M Microwave Oven
Price ?27.95

HINARI MX315 Microwave Oven
Price ?27.99

HINARI MX707TC Microwave Oven
Price ?34.95

SAMSUNG M1712NS Microwave Oven
was ?39.99 save over ?5
Price ?34.95

The clever/expensive ones claim to be able to detect the state of defrosting and adjust their power/time settings accordingly.

Hello the current price of the microwave Matsui M100M is currently ?24.95 in Curry's.
So the price is cheaper.

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