Housing problems

I have a bee in my bonnet....

After a bit of squabbling the woman tells me that they have found someone that will repair it tommorow....we`ll see...

Tonight is cancelled........

Hi everyone,
I have a bee in my bonnet....

Notting Hill Housing Trust is peeing me off big style,

I reported to them on Monday that my roof is leaking and they confirmed that the roofers will be with me today (Wednesday) in the afternoon and they have got my contact number just in case of problems....and that it is a class one priority and if it was possible should be done now or yesterday,

I went in to their office just as it was getting dark this evening (knowing they are not going to fix my roof in the dark) to find out why I have had to reschedule my week for nothing and why no one has called me or turned up!!!!

I discover that the complaint was put on the system, Tuesday, by a woman, and that the complaint somehow has not been allocated to the repair team.....Oh, and is a now a grade three catagory not a grade one !!!!
A bit strange, is that...The person that put it on the system ...in front of me ...was male, of a different skin colour and it was on Monday ????

After a bit of squabbling the woman tells me that they have found someone that will repair it tommorow....we`ll see...
I have told them I won`t be at home, no problem they say, as they have access via the front using ladders, which I am sure contravenes the safety rules, as they are supposed to use scafolding when they have to go higher than 35 feet...and my roof is 50 foot high,
Also if there are any problems they are to give me a call on the mobile phone.

I asked for a letter back responding to my dissatisfaction and possible loss of money caused by their negligence, to get told....wait for it!!!!...

"Oh, I am sorry sir, you have to send a letter in as we have a seperate department for complaints"....?

Why the hell can`t she log it from the terminal she is sitting at? after all I am the so called "Customer", so, why should I have to do all the work?


Tonight is cancelled........

A phreak friend I havn`t seen for a long while (at least 20 years), has turned up and we are going to get *lunched out :-)

Let the party begin !!! I feel some **skanking might be coming on, and that we may have to go out ***ratching ;-)


* Sh*tfaced
** Lurking about to see what`s around.
*** Trashing etc :-)

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