Apples do they grow on trees?

Apples do they grow on trees?
well if they do it must be moulting season I have just found yet another Apple 4400/160 but at long last this one has come with a keyboard :-) so I can play...I have now got six Macs and the one thing I have waited for was a keyboard as I have all the other bits...

At the same time I have found a couple of Compaq`s one is a dual processor complete with a matching pair of Pentium 2/400`s using pc100 ram but no ram was with it and no Hdd either...but Heh you can`t have everything :-)

The other is a single processsor Pentium 2 but no chip or Hdd/ram, but uses the same type of ram as the other, it has a riser board allowing the use of three pci and 2 isa slots, both boards are also fully equipped to take scuzi onboard and agp graphics, and on the back sockets another skuzi along with sound and nic connections.

Just after that I found a half breed CB antenna with cable and connectors.

Not a bad night out eh?

I`m knackered, its 4.30am and I have a busy day today as it is the Beach party unplugged and we have to get loadsa firewood for the bonfires.

As usual, thanks for looking in.

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