Saturday....Lunch box WiFi....

So she asked can it be bodged?....after careful consideration I said yes....

They didn`t have time to get a "Linux/Unix/BSD etc" team on it, to spend months or so working together to set it up...."their" words not mine.....

Saturday....Lunch box WiFi....

I get a phone call asking if I can make a pigtail for a WiFi`s really urgent and needs to be on the way to Amersterdam on Monday ie, 48 hours...

The owner turns up with a box of bits and says that the all the bits are going into a lunch box, I said to get the components for the pigtail it will take 48 hours from Monday as the suppliers are shut at the weekend.

So she asked can it be bodged?....after careful consideration I said yes....good can you make three she asks? yes I say, it possible you could fit all these components into the boxes, and can you do it? as their person who was going to build it is stuck in Russia with red tape B**locks getting his passport renewed without the right amount of bribes!!! ,....aaaghhh....leave it with me over night I will have a look....

So I have a pile of bits :- WiFi card, lunch box, mini ITX motherboard, a couple of webcam batteries, antenna, a few battery holders and some bits and pieces.
Bits on my desk

I build them into the box, after a few mods I end up making three reverse female SMA connectors out of a lot of patience and a bit of wire, soldering iron and 3 non reverse SMA`s these are to go on to the end of the cable now soldered straight to the board inside the WiFi card and allows me to connect to an external antenna.

The next morning I am woken up at midday by a friend of mine who is also involved with this project on the software side and I had had only 4 hours sleep and was not intending to be disturbed until at least 14:00 hr`s, telling me the woman had forgotten to give me the mini ATX power supply also to be built into the box,
(I must admit I was puzzled how they were going to run ATX power from 12 volts) can I go over to the workshop and work from there as all the other bit`s are there as well?...Car turns up, I am transported, ok I go.

The workshop is usually kitted out quite well, but at the moment all the important stuff like multimeters and other bits are all stuck in Russia, I did bring a few tools but did expect to find the other basics there :-(
finished part 1
finished part 2
Power supply

Anyway I get the damn' thing built when I get presented with yet another bit...a 500Mb Flash card and reader with ribbon cable to be fitted in to the box...grrrrr.

It`s now four in the morning and the box is built and it comes up on the monitor :-) Thats my bit done....
Monitored Victory

But....the software guys are having kittens, they have had to install Doze 98 and then get all the drivers to work and get VNC up and running...but true to tradition everything keeps crashing which is nothing new to 98, and something they don`t need in a middle of a show, also there is a camera attached to the box but the drivers don`t work for 98 or 2k,

I did suggest using a back door trojan or something if they couln`t get the r3m0t3 4cc355 working :-)

But, Heh, that`s software for you, at least my hardware worked, but I only had time to work out and complete one box...But I did prepare, ie, cut outs etc, the other boxes, so that by copying the box I built they would be able to complete them really quickly, I got driven home and given forty quid for my effort....

They didn`t have time to get a "Linux/Unix/BSD etc" team on it, to spend months or so working together to set it up...."their" words not mine.....

I also got fed...isn`t it strange what people eat? Rollmop Herrings, raw Herring fillets pickled in vinegar with a few herbs rolled around a gerkin and pinned into shape with a couple of wooden spikes and they don`t even take off the skin,(which seemed to be most of the content, all bar the gerkin) was different...but at least I tried it....if it`s all that`s on offer I reckon I can tolerate it :-)

It turns out these things we are building are going to be WiFi cameras being swung around by three Cyberpunk type women on roller blades whilst transmitting the images to a screen all in the name of art to be accessible by VNC Hmmm,
It could have been done a lot cheaper using a device that already transmits pictures via WiFi on sale all over the place at about half the price and still create the same effect, personally I think it was a waste of good computer bits, but the customer is *usually* right :-P

That it`s for now, take it easy.
Wegone, +:-)

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