Reverend, Painters and Decorators...nil....

Reverend, Painters and Decorators...nil....

I have just got my tickets for the exclusive invite only, "Starsailor" gig at HMV. Oxford st,...

Reverend, Painters and Decorators...nil.

The Boss of the whole job asked if I minded them working on Sunday and I said that so long as they don`t wake me up I don`t mind, bearing in mind that Saturday nights are for partying ect.
Yeah okay he say`s, I then said no radios and no stomping on the scaffolding and leave my window till last as I am not going to be up untill 14:00 hours, he agreed to these "rules".

I sat up learning about how people crack registration codes on disks and a few other things, till 7:30am and went to bed, only to be woken up at 10:30am by a radio on at full blast right outside my window and the P&D (painter/decorator) two windows away.

I shouted "turn off the radio please as I am sleeping", but the P&D didn`t hear me, so I go to throw open the window only to find it painted shut, now I am really pissed off, a few thumps later it opened and I shouted "oi, turn that bloody radio off"

The P&D got all stroppy and started shouting at me "who the fcuk do think you are"?... and starts coming over to my window still shouting "I will fcuk you over you W**k*r, you cheeky C**t, *JUST* who do think you are shouting at?, I am going to sort you, you Fcukin W**k*r".

I grabbed a scafolding plank and go to twat him with it, only just missing him, his mate then legged it and the P&D stood there totally shocked....well for a few seconds or so, and then he also legged it :-)

I then went out to the front of the house and saw the Boss standing there, so I gave him a roasting about what had just happened, he then went over and had a verbal with the P&D who told him to "Fcuk Off, you can stuff the job, your supposed to support your fcukin workers"....but then calmed down and went back to work, sulking.

During the day I met up with quite a few of my neighbours, it seems that the whole Street had seen and heard the row, well, near as dammit, and they all agreed with what I did :-)


The Old Bill have taken to sitting outside the "24 hour;-)" Off License and searching people for booze :-(
I went over and had a chat with them and they told me they had heard it serves alcohol after hours and they are staking it out....I was standing there with two cans in my jacket just purchased, but they didn`t search me...... mind you if they had I would have said that I bought them earlier and brought them out with me ....but there again I could have been screwed as there is 24/7 video in the store with which they could have checked it out, but they havn`t thought of that...or if they have, then they just havn`t been bothered to implement it yet ....


I have just got my tickets for the exclusive invite only, "Starsailor" gig at HMV. Oxford st, it`s tommorrow, stand by for my report to let you know what they are like live.
Just been out trashing and found a load of old style records about 200 of them, but could only carry 40 of them and didn`t have much time to sort thru them ...I may go back to get some more, also found a few docs...hmmm, they are being checked out....ethically, of course......

Thats the report for tonight....
CSB +:-)

Monday morning 15-09-03

Bleah, what the fcuk am I doing up at 10:00am? I ask myself, then remember that I am going to see the band...the silly sods forgot to say what time the gig starts.

Looking out of the window I see a group of three guys being chased down the road by 4 security types...ho hum,

I thought we had got rid of summer, the sun is blazing through the window and the temperature is alredy 33 degrees in direct light and 26 in the shade :-( I don`t like all this`s just not English.

I go to make my first coffee of the morning and the bloody milk had gone sour....

Bugger this, Covenant and VNV nation at full volume that should clear the cobwebs out.

Hmmm isn`t it strange the neighbours don`t like the music...well they woke me up with drilling and hammering at 09:00am and for once it wasn`t the decorators, so sod them they can have some bass...I think I must have woken up a little bit grumpy :-)

I rang XFM, with my last 20p to find out what time the gig starts and didn`t get to the person I needed to talk to, so I had to go up to Leicester Square and ask at the Radio station ....nobody there knew when it was going to start,
I was there for a hour before they managed to find out from HMV, it`s at 20:30hrs, so I didn`t need to get up early :-(
the old adage, they can`t organise a piss up in a brewery, springs to mind.

Coming back through Leicester Square tube station I can smell paper or wood burning, so I report it to the person collecting tickets and they asked if I saw any smoke, I said no, and he said don`t worry then, it must be alright!!

Went to watch Starsailor and got straight to the front of the queue and was given a nice spot close to the stage with the roadies, took some photos and got given the play list, the roadies (Cheers Guys) then put me at the front of the queue for the autogragphs.
They played well, and were tight knit. They performed 7 tunes most of which I have heard on the radio....all in all a good time :-)

View image

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Went Ratching around afterwards and found a Ferguson black and white TV/Radio/tape player the screen is really small 5 by 6.5 cm, the whole thing works but the cassete is dodgy, the unit is only 28 by 28 by 7.5cm. in size and works on batteries 6 X 1.5volts = 9 volts, 12 volt car battery or mains, it`s just what I wanted for my front/computer/workshop room as I don`t usualy watch TV, but it is good for checking the news occasionally.

I met up with the guy that got stabbed in the arm, for a small wound only 1.5cm across he ended up with a couple of 12/13 cm, scars as a result of the operation on the artery....he`s accepting ?1000 to drop the charges, another knife wielding nutter is let loose on the street :-(

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well I think it`s time to go to bed as it`s now 04:00hrs, so night night all.

TTFN +:-)

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