I havn`t got a lot to report this time around as I have virtually been under house the Decorators.
Between the Windows ...3 undercoats and a topcoat...the door...two undercoats and one topcoat and then just as you think it is safe to go out, they decide to paint the step ....Twice... and the door needed to be open so that the step dosn`t stick to the bottom of the door, as a result I havn`t been out much to see whats going on.
So I read an E book called Terminal Compromise...well worth the read.


The one thing I did notice was that the Internet cafe in my High street has closed, suposedly for a week as they are having a dispute with BT.
Hmmm, maybe running an Internet cafe with 20 plus boxes plus half a dozen phone booths, is not normal business usage :-p


The "Maccy D" in the high Street is using a different supplier rather than Easy everything as is used in most of the other "Maccy D's", they are using "" and as usual, no access to the boxes or cables and the keyboard has a few keys missing .

Well thats about it for now.


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