London 2600 mid month meet

I went to the london 2600 mid month leet meet ;-)....

We were on the way to Borders or is it Boots?....

The Golden Square place, has now been demolished :-(

I went to the london 2600 mid month leet meet ;-) and there was a huge turn out....two of us!

I got to learn a lot more about this "Movable type stuff" that I put this Blog together with, also had was a good natter on Civil Libertys, and talked about old stories that we might donate for Dr-Ks new book "Hackers Tales" after which, we went for a walk around "Muggers Paradise" the both of us had spotted two men that might as well had "Mugger" tatooed on their foreheads, hanging around like a pair of Vultures looking for an easy prey, it was purported that my walking stick was starting to "twitch" whilst we were over the road from them :-)

We were on the way to Borders or is it Boots? the front`s been renovated and looks like a Chemists shop and is very bright, it`s vivid blue and white with lots of Halogen lighting, you almost need sunshades in there.

After Borders we went for a Chinese meal in China Town, which was good, I thought the waiters were a bit pushy though.

After the meal we had a longer walk around the Picadilly back streets trying to find a quiet pub, we found one called the Red Lion which serves the same sort of beer as the Bricklayers arms (a pub that London 2600 used after the Golden Square place shut, to hold meetings).
The Golden Square place, has now been demolished, and in fact so have the buildings either side of it and behind it, all that is left are the fronts of the buildings and a big hole in the ground...almost reminds me of Birmingham city center :-p

Remnants of Golden Square

On the way to "The Big Red" I saw seven Wheelclamping vans all in a row driving down the road, I only got five in the photo as two of them jumped the lights when I pulled out the camera, aaahh, bless them..they didn`t want their picture taken :-)
Wheel Clampers invasion

Thats all for now.
CSB +:-)

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