The Update

I am getting very pissed off with Hushmail,

I created a new account with them....reverend and....yes it dosn`t bloody work :-(
It is telling me that the account exists but is missing certain information??????
WTF. Like what does it need??? if you don`t fill in the boxes correctly then it won`t let you create the account in the first place so how can it be missing important info?

Well the heat is slowly cooking everyone in London and all the nutters have come out to play, I have seen Road, Pavement and shopping mall rage, people can not handle the heat and stress, I have taken a leaf out of the West Indians book and do everything in slow motion and allow more time to get things done, it seems to work.

I got some consultation work from a company in Leicester square, They are above the Empire ballroom and are setting up an 11Mb WiFi, free for the public to use.

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Our Arsonist is not crazy enough to be kept under care and is to crazy to go to court ???? he has been lurking around the area giving everyone the evil eye.

The London 2600 meeting was fun as usual,
I had a go at Counter Strike for a couple of minutes and managed to frag someone split seconds before I got killed....I might have a proper game next week :-)
I salvaged a load of scuzzy bits and pieces from a box on Tottenham Court Rd.

More entertainment...the tower block accross the road`s window cleaning cradle has got stuck, the guys in it were lucky as it happened at ground level but they have to get a crane to get the pulley unstuck from near the top floor 12 floors up +:-)

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