29-07-03 Tuesday AM.

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29-07-03 Tuesday AM.

Our arsonist has been given the keys to his old flat and is walking around with no minder.
The neighbours are freaking out.

It seems that the Copper that was to come and get a statment of me is on holiday and the person from Notting Hill Housing Trust who condemmed the flat after having to take photos of it, has now been moved to another department in another area and can not help us.
I am going to check into it during daylight hours as it is 04:00hrs at the moment and I need some sleep.

TTFN +:-)

Tuesday PM.

3 fuqin hours sleep between the scaffolders and painters back and front of the houses daylight hours, and the Hammersmith flyover renovation works at night...we got this for the next five weeks maybe more :-(

More news on the Arsonist....He is not crazy enough to be kept in by the Mental Health Act, but is crazy enough to not have to go to court for trial....what the fuq ... they released him to the care of his Mother and Sister who are supposed to escort him everywhere especially around here....but no they gave him the keys to his old place which they were supposed to hand back to the NHHT when he had collected his personal possesions, and now he has moved back in.

Thats it for now ...I am going to get lunched out for a change and ignore everything for once....well for tonight anyway....time to catch up on some Div x`s that I still havn`t watched yet, and I have had them for months.

So goodnight to one and all.

TTFN +:-)

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Well, you certainly do lead an interesting life Rat. Drop me an email when you get the chance. I'll try calling you again later on but from what I can tell, you don't have a new phone yet.

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