13-08-03 Wednesday

Fuqn Hushmail whats wrong with it? I went to open an account again with them and clicked on the link to the free accounts, and all there is, is a blank page....the source code can be read, the page just dosn`t show. Grrrr.
I thought maybe it was something to do with the Internet Cafe settings, but it was the same at another Internet Cafe running a different system.

The Scaffolding alarm went of three times today for no reason, this caused one of my neighbours to start screaming abuse at it and the whole decorating program at full volume for two whole hours plus a bit more...those of you who know me can probably guess who the person was :-)

I went out to check an internet cafe up the road at ? an hour...it`s got no physical access to the box so I can`t even use the floppy drive let alone the USB :-(
I told them to stuff it and they gave me back my money, I then went to the usual cafe up the road to find that their internet connection was going up and down faster than a Kings Cross pro` on a Friday night.

Whilst walking between the two I saw a firedoor open at the Nat West leading to the basement, so I went to let the Security at the entrance know, and there was no one around, there was a key safe open with keys in it, Id cards and paper work all over the desk, all this and no cameras, After hanging around 5 minutes I gave up waiting and left.
I was nearly tempted to take a photo or whatever :-) but I didn`t think it was the best idea at the time.

There was an amazing busker outside the tube station playing guitar, pan pipes and various other instruments....the picture says more than I can describe :-)

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13-08-03 Wednesday

Bloody workmen, they put the netting on the wrong side of the scaff, so when the wind blows it billows into the path of the infra red beam and sets of the alarm...solves the mystery of the earlier alerts.

TTFN +:-)

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