11-08-03 Monday AM.


We`ve got an alarm system but it`s not wireless, they claim that it will pick up anyone walking around on the scaffolding...I shall find out later.

They put the signage right in front of my main window so I can`t see out and the alarm bellbox is facing the flyover roadworks, fitted on to the end house wall which has no windows on it...Prats.


So much for the Scaffolding Alarm...it went of once for no reason, ok, I said the position of the bellbox was not good, but hell, "it" made up for it with loadsa noise, and then must of died, because later, I went out on the scaff` and did a dance.....NO,.. don`t even ask :-) then got a chair and a pint and read the newspaper from the light of my front room and it still didn`t go off.?
After that I went to my neighbours flat and was standing 3 metres from the sensor waving my arms at it and....yes, it still didn`t go off.

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13-08-03 Tuesday 03:00Hrs.
I went out for a walk to have a look around now it`s cooler it`s only 21 C, instead of the 36.8 C, like it was during the day, and found "someone" has nicked the soddin bellbox...I`m pissin` myself with laughter...and no, I had no part in this at all...( I`ve one already :-))
Oh, by the way, they left the sensors behind, Duhhh.

TTFN +:-)


Wow - so hot there. Here in Dar es Salaam is cooler.

Nice site Rat. Keep it up!

I particlarly like the quote "The Street finds its own uses for things - uses the manufacturers never imagined."

Just wrote an article on just this for this weeks Arusha Times www.arushatimes.co.tz - Tanzanians are very good at taking technology and using it so it works for them. Wireless ISPs all over the place. ISPs using maximum length ethernet cables to connect people because the phone company is no good. Poor people finding ways of using mobile phones for minimum cost. All very interesting...

Must get one of these comment things on my site...

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