Problems with "War Walking" i.e. Violence.

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08-07-03 Tuesday

Problems with "War Walking" i.e. Violence.

I am sitting onthe usual bench when this guy comes over and tells me to f**k off his bench, I said no and he shouted get of the fuqin bench or I will smash your laptop at the same time making a grab for it.
The Result....I kicked him in the balls and smacked him on the nose and he then sat on the floor with blood pissing out of his nose...after ten minutes I get up to go and as I am leaving he said why did I hit him ? as he was only joking....

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Raty!! whats on mate found a link to this from the 2600 london site, nice blog man.

That was funnay about the arsonist!! What about the viloence man that a bit harch that guy having a when when you waring man!!

Speak 2 ya soon.


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