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More senseless violence and a bit of Urban exploration with a liberal splash of madness.

23-07-03 Wednesday

Walking down the High st, 24:00hrs with my neighbour we see this bunch of 12 burly white South Africans fighting among themselves and making loadsa noise, the Old Bill walked past them and totally ignored them, we are going to my "all night" Off license and while we are in there the Africans go past the shop and spot a skinny black guy on his own, and chase after him, catch him and give him a beating.
The Police took 10 minutes to arrive and the Ambulance 29 minutes.

The police asked me what happened and then another "witness" turned up, who runs a pub overlooking the scene, His version of events was the black guy went over to the fighting Africans and shouted insults at them and then started kicking them...

During this I met one of my computer friends from the area and afterwards went trashing and showed him around the secret tunnels of the shopping mall, we found pencils, pens, paint brushes, books, a translator, a calculator and a couple of nice brand new black jumpers with the stores logo embroidered on them (the logo was not hard to get off) :-) all at the back of W.H.Smiths.

We found are way into the buildings electrical components storage room....untolds of fairy lights, fluro tubes, starter motors, balasts, boxes of all sorts, rechargeable battery units and loads more :-)

When I get the hang of this Moveable type stuff I might finally get some photos up on this blog....

Sorry to anyone that has E,mailed me on anything, as I havn`t had a lot of time to get out and retreive them, I am "working" on the Internet cafe down the road from me and have persuaded them to let me do their updates in return for free internet access...they still have IE 5.1 on the boxes, the updating can only be done between 9pm and 11pm as this is the only time the cafe is quiet.

Thats it for tonight.

TTFN +:-)

25-07-03 Friday

The black guy that got beaten up apparantly died during the night, of a blood clot in the brain.

The Arsonist is in care after doing his 28 day section, he came back with a minder to pick up personal possesions.
The police must be still pressing charges as they have come back and asked me to do a statement for the second incident.

TTFN +:-)28-07-03 Monday.

Saturday was "Reclaim The Beach" again but this time it was done from 15:00hrs till 22:00hrs and more for the benefit of the kids...the ones under eighteen :-)

It pissed down with rain all the time but a couple of hundred people still turned up.

There was the usual attractions plus a sancastle competition and a Bar-B-Q, it was amazing at how many people slaved over their sancastles even though they were soaked to the skin.

I am still earning my nickname "Generator Man" as this time there were two to get running plus an outboard motor for a 3 person inflatable boat, the owner then took me up the river and back to say thanks :-)

I went for a wander along the beach and found an old style one pint milk bottle in perfect condition, I have to do some research on it as the bottle has "ROYAL ARSENAL CO-OPve SOCy Ltd" moulded into the glass in raised letters, it might be older than me, and thats going some.

Got home 00:45hrs

Monday....Grrrr. got woken up at 08:30hrs by the scaffolding men setting every thing up, I had only been asleep three hours.

The Old Bill are coming around to take the new statement this afternoon so this has given me the incentive to tidy up the flat a bit....well alright, a lot :-)

Bloody scaffolding, I can`t see up and down my street anymore.

I`m on the bus going up to Shepherds bush went there was a bump and the bus stopped abruptly with the driver cussin` like hell, we all get kicked off the bus and I went and looked at what the bus hit, Oops..a brand new BMW sporty thing, the bus had taken off all the back section and gone all along the side of the bus drivers pay for the insurance on the buses they drive ? or is it the public ? as that little bump is going to cost a few bob.

I get on the next bus, one stop on a Somalian woman gets on waving a twenty pound note at the driver who says he can`t change it and she will get off to get change, at which she then waves the note again saying she can`t speak English, finally one of the other customers pays for her journey,
Coming back she got on the same bus as me and pulled the same stunt again but this time had shopping with her, so she had, had plenty of chance to get change whilst shopping.

The Old Bill didn`t turn up for the statement.

Thats all for now.

TTFN +:-)

29-07-03 Tuesday AM.

Our arsonist has been given the keys to his old flat and is walking around with no minder.
The neighbours are freaking out.
It seems that the Copper that was to come and get a statment of me is on holiday and the person from Notting Hill Housing Trust who condemmed the flat after having to take photos of it, has now been moved to another department in another area and can not help us.
I am going to check into it during daylight hours as it is 04:00hrs at the moment and I need some sleep.

TTFN +:-)

Tuesday PM.

3 fuqin hours sleep between the scaffolders and painters back and front of the houses daylight hours, and the Hammersmith flyover renovation works at night...we got this for the next five weeks maybe more :-(

More news on the Arsonist....He is not crazy enough to be kept in by the Mental Health Act, but is crazy enough to not have to go to court for trial....what the fuq ... they released him to the care of his Mother and Sister who are supposed to escort him everywhere especially around here....but no they gave him the keys to his old place which they were supposed to hand back to the NHHT when he had collected his personal possesions, and now he has moved back in.

Thats it for now ...I am going to get lunched out for a change and ignore everything for once....well for tonight anyway....time to catch up on some Div x`s that I still havn`t watched yet, and I have had them for months.

So goodnight to one and all.

TTFN +:-)

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