Arson part two

27-06-03 Friday

Here I am chilling to some good grooves and there`s this shouting "Put it out Put it out" so I look out the window and see Ruth who lives 3 doors up the road from, next door, on the other side of the "arsonist from yesterday" shouting at Tim the "arsonist" and see a fire in his porch,He was apparantly dowsing paper with inflamable liquid. go downstairs fire extinguisher in hand and call 999 on my way,
The Guy has now legged it indoors and built a barricade with a cooker, fridge and God knows what.

By the time I got there the fire was out.
But then the Police turn up with the Fire Brigade and decide they are nicking him for Arson and Intentionally endangering life...... they then ask me to show them my flat so they can plan a map to know where they are going when they kick his door in...the only problem was... I cultivate my own pain killer and had three on the go under lights... so a bit of Social Engineering later, I told the Officer I was good at Technical Drawing...Great he say`s you draw the map and didn`t go any further into the flat....Phew...

The next thing we know we have 8 Riot police in full kit, two Fire Engines, 1 Ambulance and seven Police cars in the street plus the whole area was cordoned off with tape.

All of sudden over the Police radio comes "be carefull this guy has a record for throwing petrol over Police.....

Anyways the Riot Squad bust down the door and haul out the barricade and Tim grabbed a butane gas can, punctured a hole in it, attempted to light it, and then threw it at the Police followed by bottles and all sorts of other things including a bucket full of shit and piss....after 10 minutes they came out with Tim still walking but cuffed.

The Top Cop then says that they have to wait for Socco to turn up and took statements.

Collecting Evidence....

The cop say`s they need the container of inflammable liquid for the evidence but not knowing what the fuel was they had no idea what they were looking for ...I went "what this stuff?" where the fire was and stuck my finger in it, sniffed it and said it`s paraffin (Sorry ..for the benefit of the Americans.... Kerosene)...the Cop looked puzzled... seems like he hasn`t seen the stuff before, a minute or two later he found a bleach bottle full of it in the garden with all the stuff from the barricade.....saved them a couple of hours :-)

The Socco turned up and took their black and whites...Led by a 25 year old beautiful blonde
Detective who wouldn`t let me take her picture, let alone do anything else :-(

The whole thing started about 23:00hrs and finished 05:30hrs

Tim`s been Sectioned (Mental Health Act) and the flat has been condemmed by the Eviromental Health and finally everything is boarded up.
By the way, when the Police knew how long things might take, why did they call a Boarder Upper at the beginning of the raid instead of at the end? the Guy gets paid ?21.00 a Hour...He reckons his Boss gets around ?80.00 per Hour?????

TTFN +:-)

29-06-03 Sunday

It happens in threes so they say....

The Apollo was throwing a Seventies Soul revival so the area was swamped with 5000 people and cars were parking any old where, on the footpath outside my house there was 14 all up against the fence and gates so that to get out you had to climb over the cars, the other side which is okay to park on, was solid....all of sudden police cars come down the street with twos and blues going, screech to a halt at the end of the street and then find out they can`t get out of the cars....

They then went to my friends house and then realised it was the wrong address...had a quick conflab and went off to the right house, they went in and came out 2 minutes later not looking to pleased muttering "have a nice evening Sir" in a sarrcy tone to the occupant and then drove off?
Even though the Police had grief getting out of the Squad cars they didn`t give a toss about the ilegally parked cars :-(

I went into town today to go online and my connection seems to be having internet connection.
and then it started to rain so I went back home, I will check on Monday to see if it is back up otherwise I will have to find another one....oh the joys of War Walking.

TTFN +:-)

30-06-03 Monday

God you don`t half get them,

I had to go and explain to one of my Spanish neighbours that in England you can`t stand in the back garden of your house taking potshots with a High Power .22 Air Rifle at the Crows flying past...even if the Crows do eat the eggs and young of song birds.
The guy was most surprised because at home in Spain he can use a real gun in his garden with no I explained there is a big difference between a 8 metre by 4 metre garden in London and a couple of acres in Spain...he wasn`t very impressed.

2 hours later.
The guy has now turned up with a Black Widow catapult with 8mm steel ball bearings and asked me if I think he could use this instead...I said that at least he won`t get shot by the Old Bill for using it but I don`t think his rear facing neighbours would like it much, and firing into the air if he misses where are the bb`s going to land?

The last I saw was him trying entice the Crows to the ground by putting bread out so that he can get them without firing into the air, but the Crows were not interested and instead he got mobbed by loads of Pigeons....

You`ve got to laugh...if you don`t, around here you`d soon crack up :-)

TTFN +:-)

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