Arson and Mugging

25/06/03 Wednesday

Today is the birthday of George Orwell, if he was still alive he would be 100 years old, Simon Davies from Privacy International threw a little gathering for anyone who turned up in memory of George at a pub called the ********* we then went of to a restaraunt called ****** (bloody expensive) both of these were favourites of George,
Simon paid for my meal :-) we all had meat Metsi, Squid rings, Whitebait and Georges favourite... *******, at the end it was ?35.00 per head...mind you we did get through a lot of wine.

On the way back near Centrepoint I managed to get my self mugged of ?60.00 (I only get ?68.00 per week) and my Motorolla A008 phone by 5 guys. I got hit in the face with a busted bottle but didn`t get to damaged, I broke my walking stick hitting one of them on the head with it... my size nine steel toecap boots helped out as well, I got bruised knuckles during the fight and a few bruises much for "Big Brothers" cameras...the attackers were not caught.
One bit of luck was that they didn`t get my digital camera or laptop.

26/06/03 Thursday.

Lotsa bruises started to come to the surface and I am generally pissed off.
The street where I live is Housing association owned.
I was sitting at the computer in my front room when I could smell smoke and when I looked out of the window there was clouds of smoke from a house two doors up the street, so I rushed out with my Co2 extinguisher and find that the guy who lives in the house had set fire to the underground storage area, I told him to put it out, but he just told me to do it and walked off, the Co2 sorted out the fire very well,
The Fire Brigade turned up and the Police and with forensics from both, there ended up with quite crowd of vehicles in my little street.
The guy is one of the local nutters and instead of taking his medication he swaps it for alcohol.
The upshoot is the Police are pushing for arson and hopefully he will get moved to somewhere that can look after him, as his house has human excretement everywhere, piles and piles of rubish and he has totally ripped out all the fittings and woodwork through out.

TTFN. +:-)

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