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Partying and strange going ons

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to do a once a week Blog as that gives me time to sort things out with the weather :-)
the only time I am on line is when I am on the road with WiFi.

So here it goes....


War Mooching

Went out and met a friend who also war walks...well once and a while :-) so we hooked up to my favourite connection and ....Behaved Ourselves :-)

We checked out what was the Cyberia Internet Cafe by the GPO tower, it`s now called the BTR internet and has 36 on line game machines 12 of them in a no smoking area with air con, on the top floor,
and on the ground there is a Wi Fi connection of sorts...plus internet connection on around 15 boxes and tea facilitys...at a cost...but I suppose its normal for the area.
Then downstairs it has a pool table and bar with a sort of private stage area... and rooms to hold 15 people or so with projectors and sound for private conflabs,

We then checked out a square nearby and found a film crew with a load of Actors and Actresses in Victorian costume.

Next step was to mooch around BT tower and some of the back streets and take a few photos,

18th/06/03 Wed,

Over Heated Office Worker.

I am on the bus going down the High st, and see this guy take off his suit, shirt and tie putting them onto a bin until he had finished, he then gathered them into a bundle, stuck them on his shoulder and walked off up the high st, in socks, shoes and boxer shorts towards the tube station...

Strange thought but has anyone ever seen grey eyelashes?...I have seen grey everything else... but...eyelashes?


Solstice Beach Party

Been Looking forward to this...check out "Reclaim the Beach" on Google or whatever search engine you use, for past events and what it is all about :-) (Sorry but there is to much to write about as it`s been going a few years) I think it is "www.swarming.org.uk"

The event has a long tradition and is fronted by my friends that have the funds to be able to hire the equipment and front the bar, to cover costs ie, Van hire, DJ gear, Generator hire + fuel Booze,any profit goes towards more or better equipment...No one makes a earner out of this... They supply the Kit... "YOU" the public are the party.. it was the idea from a Lady called Pippa that started the first of many events.

The night was massive, our usual crowd is 3 to 4 hundred but tonight, thanks to something called the internet / email.cc./ The Solstice and something happening "open air" at the Festival hall closing, just as we had kicked off, we had a huge crowd 1000+ the bar was drunk dry in 2 hours!

I am nicknamed Generator man by a lot of people at the party....I keep the electrickery..."Damned hire generators from hell" working and generally keep an eye on things ie, getting people out of the water who are trying to swim the Thames...persuading people totally out of their face to stop dancing on the bonfires...ect....But it`s fun and good natured with no attitude probs,
There is usually a hard core of about 12 people keeping it together with other people helping to keep down the litter ect.

One of the wierd bits was when I first started the generator the horizon filled with a huge flash of Lightning....but lucky for us it was a storm in the distance and..... we got no rain.

I took lots of photographs that will describe the event better than I can...but it usually takes a few weeks before they get displayed on the website.

Got home 7.30 am, so am sort of jet lagged :-)

TTFN, +:-)

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I'm a third year undergraduate student at the university of Westminster. I'm currently completing my last year of a radio broadcasting degree and am trying to find out information for my last project. The idea that I had was to do a documentary giving a rough history of the river Thames and have, for the last two weeks been trying to get hold of anyone at reclaim the beach who might be willing to talk to me.
I have honestly tried everywhere. I've even contacted the BBC who featured reclaim the beach on a television documentary a few months ago.
You say you know the people involved with the campaign, so if there's any chance you could give me the contact details for Pippa or anyone else who might be able to help, I'd be really greatful.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Gary Crook.

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