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Here it is my first Blog, all about the things I observe and or take part in on my wanderings mainly in London :-)

14:00hrs.Monday 16/06/03

Well Folks,

A good start to my first blog,

I am sitting in Hammersmith Police Station writing this out...been here 1 hour.

I was just having my first cup of coffee of the day when I hear all this noise outside and see two guys trying hold this other guy down on the road, so I go out to help them as no one else is helping.
The guy being held down was a shoplifter who when running away from the store knocked someone to the ground in his haste to escape capture.
The upshoot is one of the Security guys gets bitten and me bitten twice, by the shoplifter.
Then the police turn up and nick him.

So we are all at the station giving statements,and getting the bites examined and photographed by the Police Surgeon, we get told the shoplifter was wanted for breach of Warrants and he was a heavy injecting drug abuser
The Old bill allowed me to use my laptop while I was there to start my blog, and no....I found no WiFi ;-)


Charing Cross Hospital

Next stop we are the Hospital waiting for Antibiotics and Anti Tetnus jabs,
We had blood tests done for nasties as well, but we have to make an appointment around the corner so that we can have counselling!...I don't need counselling as a I am a counsellor and have lived with Hepatitis C for 9 years (from a tattoo) but no, I still have to have the counselling.
Am now waiting for Anti Hepatitis B and Anti Tetnus injections and in 48 hours the results of the blood test after councilling, but they tell you what you might catch first in graphic detail and let you worry over 48 hours on what you might have before they give you the results.


Still here, leeching power from the power point from above the trolley I am sitting on...no WiFi....hmmmm looking at the cat 5 connections but haven`t brought my nic with me :-(


1 ltr of Cider and 3 spliffs later and I am still sitting here.

Meanwhile whilst this is going on some female actress from the soap Holby central alledgedly falls 40ft of a balcony at her boyfriends house and ends up at this hospital...so there is camera and lighting crews filming all over the place...things must be getting bad when you can`t find anywhere to have a quite smoke :-)


Wahey ...Injection time...Not one but "FIVE" after behing cross referenced with the Hospital for Contagious illnesses to what we may need,
One of the injections was so big that they had to put half in each arm....got home 00:10hrs.

CSB. (Cyder Spliff Bed)....

+:-) TTFN.

Tuesday 17/06/03

Aching all over...bloody injections hurt more than the rest of the damage.

Water main burst in the High st, but was only a 3 inch main so not much water flooding.

Yesterday, Visit Britain....formely British Tourist Association hq, is right outside my window and a person working there shouted Rats "kicking off" and all the staff on that floor rushed to the windows to watch and then the phones in the rest of the building went mad with every one ringing each other to come and watch, this is a large office complex and they said if there is subsidence towards my street they know who to blame :-) anyway, they bought me loadsa cider down the pub.

Thats it for today, nothing else doing.

+:-) TTFN.

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Interesting, keep up the good work

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