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The Home Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons is, yet again, investigating Extradition. The Chairman is the Labour MP Keith Vaz, who has expressed sympathy for Gary McKinnon.

They have published online a couple of Uncorrected Transcripts of Oral Evidence sessions, both of which mention the Gary McKinnon extradition case several times.

David Blunkett is the scandalous, multiply disgraced, former Labour Home Secretary, who forced through the wretched Extradition Act 2003. He is now pretending that the problems with it involving the USA, the European Arrest Warrant and anything to do with "cyber", which were all pointed out to him and his Labour government colleagues at the time, were "unforeseeable" and therefore this mess is somehow not his fault. Why does anyone ever believe a word that this disgraceful, authoritarian politician utters ?

Janis Sharp is Gary McKinnon's redoubtable mother, who has done so much to publicise his case before the media and politicians.

Ms Gareth Peirce is a leading Human Rights lawyer, who has been involved in many high profile cases, where the judicial system has eventually ruled against the entrenched position of the Government. She represents, amongst others, the similar case of Babar Ahmad (whose father, a retired British Overseas Development Administration civil servant was also present)

Julian Knowles is an acknowledged Extradition expert barrister, both for the prosecution and the defence.

Both of them make compelling arguments for a repeal or amendment of the Extradition Act 2003, to re-introduce the safety nets and prima facie evidential tests and the supremacy of UK legal forum, which the Extradition Act 2003 deliberately destroyed.