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Episode 4 - Spooks Code 9 - how not to protect MI5 informants

It is hard see how anyone who has watched the TV adaptation of John le Carré 's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy etc. will be impressed with the way in which the [spooks] code 9 series treats the important topic of the protection of their own members of staff, and of their informants, from violence and murder by enemy organisations.

Episode 4 opens with the murder of an MI5 informant, whose body is thrown from a building, landing on top of a car, terrifying the driver.

"It looks like someone's after our assets" says the torturer / former medical student ( Rob who spends half of his time getting illegal access to his former teaching hospital's computer systems to delete or fake evidence about his former girlfriend's lover, who he may or may not have murdered when the bomb went off in London)

"Could Hewitt's gang have found out that he was an informer ?"
"There's no way that they would know"
"If they did find out, then we would have a security leak, which would be very, very bad" , says Charlie. the mathematician, and new leader of the Mi5 Field Office 19 team, stating the obvious.

"If word gets out that our informers are dying, then we could end up losing all our assets". says Vik, re-stating the obvious.

The Charlie and Rachel decide that they still cannot cannot trust the rest of their team, in their attempts to find the MI5 traitor supposedly behind the nuclear (or was just atomic) bomb attack on London (does that already count as a massive security leak ?) Rachel goes undercover, after a fake stabbing incident at a night club.

It is simply inconceivable that the MI5 team, who are all out drinking and dancing together (again), should simply stand by whilst one of their colleagues is carted off in an ambulance (which was suspiciously visible in the background as they were leaving the club, before the "stabbing" incident in the street outside) and would meekly accept the refusal of the ambulance crew to tell them where they were taking Rachel to.

Given their previous record of bullying and blackmail and torture, of many of the other people they deal with in the series, why would they not flash a warrant card and insist on accompanying her to the hospital ?

Given that their former boss had been recently assassinated, and that an MI5 informants has just been murdered, did none of them think that this might be a deliberate attack on them, and act accordingly ?

Charlie says, inside the ambulance, "We're clear. I cannot believe that worked".

Neither can the audience !

Did none of the "trained observers" in the rest of the spooks code 9 team notice their boss Charlie lurking inside the ambulance, as Rachel was stretchered inside ?

The next MI5 informant is murdered with even more explicit violence (stabbed in the stomach, and throat slit), having watched a TV advert for the private sector "missing persons" tracing service,much in demand after the nuclear / atomic bomb attack on London (supposedly only a 10 kiloton device, i.e. half that of the Hiroshima or Nagasaki atomic bombs, something which would be a complete technical failure for a H bomb).

This advert features a website URL , which is a parked domain name, registered to Kudos, the production company resposible for [spooks] code 9.

They missed an opportunity to create another "back story" supporting website, but at least they have secured the advertised domain name from squatters.

The advert also features a Premium Rate phone line number, which, wisely, considering the recent scandals involving such numbers and TV programs, both on commercial and BBC TV programmes, uses the number 090908 79 09 79 which does conform to the Ofcom Telephone numbers for drama purposes (TV, Radio etc) rules.

Premium Rate Services 0909 8790000 to 8790999

"I doubt these terrorist groups have joined forces, so maybe something else is going on", says Charlie, after the MI6's brilliant deduction that the two murders of MI5 informants from two different terrorist groups, both in their witness protection scheme, both of whom have had notices pinned to their chests saying "MI5 informant", might actually be linked together.

"What the hell is going on ? Two of your informants dead, and one of your team in hospital after a drunken brawl. Not an exemplary week!", says the MI5 Director of Field Operations, who should have already disbanded this team by now.

BBC Spooks Code 9 - still looking for clues

Episode 3 of the BBC 3 tv spin off series [spooks] code 9, was full of amusing or annoying technical howlers, as well as the casual, desensitising violence, swearing. nudity and and Orwellian surveillance.

Is there sub-plot, which has featured in each of the three episodes so far, of some "hacking" / mathematical puzzle solving, involving "clues" to a possible alleged traitor in MI5 who might have been behind the nuclear bomb explosion in London, left by Hannah, the assassinated former head of the MI5 Field Office 19, going to appear as an online Flash based game or puzzle ? If not, then BBC 3 are missing out on generating some online interest in the series, something which it desperately needs, despite associated fan discussion websites like

There is also the cynical attempt at a Paul Verhoeven RoboCop or Starship Troopers film style "future news" Liberty News website. This comes . complete with astroturfed i.e. faked "grass root" user comments, reminiscent of the heavily criticised "Information Revolution" advertising campaign which failed to wean many people from Google to the rival Ask search engine in 2006.

These "clues" are being "solved", on his own, by Charlie Green, the new leader of the MI5 Field Office 19 team , who is supposedly a mathematician,

BBC [spooks] code 9 - aargh !

[spooks] code 9 is a new spin off series from the popular BBC Spooks drama supposedly about MI5 Security Service officers in action.

The first two episodes were transmitted back to back, and are currently available online from the programme's website (for the next few days)

Aimed at the 16 to 25 "yoof" audience on digital TV channel BBC 3, this is a spin off from the stylish and successful mainstream BBC 1 / 2 / 3 series "Spooks", which might account for the violence, swearing and sex.

The motto for the series appears to be "For Queen, For Country, For Kicks"

The series is set a few years into the future in 2013, in the Orwellian Police State which has emerged after a (small) nuclear bomb attack on London.

Supposedly the casualties cased by this single bomb incident are such that the rest of the UK carries on, with refugee camps etc., people trying to find their dead or missing relatives, and an Orwellian Police State, with pervasive CCTV surveillance, phone taps, secret concentration camps, compulsory ID cards, a black market in ID cards and radiation sickness drugs etc.

The tentacles of state repression includes the series protagonists, who are supposed to be a Field Operations team of young, inexperienced MI5 officers, working in one of the distributed offices of MI5, Field Office 19, somewhere vaguely in Northern England e.g, the County Arcade in Leeds appears as a location.

The two episodes so far have been stylistically less glossy than "Spooks", but just as full of technical howlers. This series also seems to be full of actual current New Labour
government policies e.g.

"we know what we have to do, get out into the communities, and target the young"

Most of the scenes which do not involve any actual surveillance or investigation work or the use technology, seem to be reasonably well acted.

There have been some violent episodes of the original Spooks series, but these usually involved a decent plot build up, and came with a dramatic shock.

Some details of the technical plot errors in the first two episodes - not sure if these will spoil your enjoyment or add to it:


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2008 spin off TV series from Spooks [spooks] code 9 , set a few years into the future in 2013, in the Orwellian Police State which has emerged after a nuclear bomb attack on London.

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Alan Turnbull's - "An entertaining guide to using Internet-based research tools – Ordnance Survey's maps, Getmapping's aerial photos and Google Earth! to reveal the UK's "hidden" MoD facilities and military sites"

Eye Spy Magazine - " The world's leading newsstand magazine on intelligence and espionage" - photos, articles, book reviews, private sector surveillance equipment and services adverts etc. N.B. Sometimes uncritical articles on various anti-terrorism and espionage topics, presumably in order to keep in favour with their anonymous sources.

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Zero History blog - - discussion and hyper link cloud enhanced literary criticism of William Gibson's forthcoming novel, entitled Zero History, which is due to be published on 7th September 2010.

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