Gary McKinnon now offering Search Engine Optimisation services

Many of you will be interested in what Gary McKinnon is up to these days, after his long extradition saga.

Gary is now offering a personalised, low entry cost Search Engine Optimisation service to businesses and organisations through


Hi, my name is Gary McKinnon, I have over 20 years experience in IT, with roles in programming, network implementation and support, business and domestic internet support, website coding and technologies and search engine optimisation. My aim is to provide high-quality SEO to small businesses and individuals. All of my clients have so far reached the first page of Google search results for their primary keywords, you can check this and even contact some of my clients via my portfolio page by clicking here.

Most of my clients have small websites which means their total cost for my SEO service is low. I charge £40 per hour, with most clients only needing five or six hours of work on my part, and taking around two or three months to get to page one for their products or services for a total cost of £240.

The increase in traffic to your website and sales from that traffic is a great return on a small investment. I guarantee that I stick to the guidelines set by the major search engines. I don't use techniques that result in your website falling out of favour, and this ensures your long-term, high-quality ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Please click here to see what you get with my UK SEO company package.


Follow Gary's SEO account on Twitter: @Gary_SmallSEO