Will Home Secretary Theresa May finally show some mercy to Gary McKinnon tomorrow ?

Tomorrow afternoon, on Tuesday 16th October 2012, Theresa May, the 6th Home Secretary who has been dithering over the Gary McKinnon extradition case over the past 10 years is supposed to announce her Decision.

There have been stories in the weekend newspapers regarding Yet Another Medical Report which says that Gary is not mentally fit to be extradited, but these have been ignored by the Home Office before.

The Home Office and the increasingly untrustworthy UK judicial system has succeeded in (temporarily) relieving itself its incompetent embarrassment of the Babar Ahmad extradition case, by deliberately mixing it in their political media spin up with that of the entirely separate case of the notorious Abu "The Hook" Hamza.

We fervently hope that tomorrow will bring this ordeal to an an end, for Gary McKinnon, for his family and supporters and for the rest of the people in the United Kingdom who risk being treated in the same appallingly Kafkaesque way, by the uncaring, unpatriotic, bureaucratic system which seem to have infected Whitehall.

Will Theresa May show that she can apply the British sense of fair play, common sense and mercy for Gary McKinnon, or will she betray all the pre-election promises made by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats ?

We would like to thank all the people who have taken the trouble to send Gary messages of support and those who have lobbied their elected politicians on his behalf.