US Attorney General still pursuing the extradition of Gary McKinnon ahead of President Obama's visit to London

The Daily Mail reports:

No mercy for Gary McKinnon: As Obama prepares for UK visit, his law chief insists U.S. will not bend on extradition

By James Slack

Last updated at 10:00 PM on 12th May 2011

President Obama's top law officer last night dealt a bitter blow to computer hacker Gary McKinnon by insisting that he must face trial in a U.S. court.

Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General, vowed to 'take all of the necessary steps' to have Gary - who suffers from Asperger's syndrome - extradited and 'held accountable for the crimes that he committed'.

Gary, 45, and his thousands of supporters had been hoping for a breakthrough in his case when Mr Obama visits the UK later this month.

His mother Janis Sharp had written an open letter to the President pleading with him to end ten years of torment.

However, it appears the U.S. has made its decision before Mr Obama even sets foot on British soil.


There does not seem to be any practical difference between the attitude of the bureaucrats and politicians under President Barack Obama or under his predecessor George Bush, regarding their controversial attempt to extradite Gary McKinnon to the USA, rather than have him tried in the UK.

Presumably President Obama will be kept out of sight and out of earshot of any protestors, exactly as President Bush was, when he visited London.