Daily Telegraph: New powers to block Britons from extradition

The Daily Telegraph reports:

New powers to block Britons from extradition
New powers to block extradition could be given to ministers to better protect Britons wanted by foreign courts, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

By Tom Whitehead, Andrew Porter and Christopher Hope
Published: 9:57PM BST 06 Sep 2010

An independent review of agreements with the US and European nations is to be announced by Theresa May, the Home Secretary.

It follows widespread concern that the current system is biased against Britain and follows cases including that of Gary McKinnon, the alleged hacker wanted by the American authorities.

Under the review, which could be announced as soon as Wednesday, the Home Secretary's hand could be strengthened and foreign authorities could be required to provide more evidence before British courts grant a request. A panel of lawyers and international relations experts, led by a judge, will also examine whether suspects accused of crimes that took place mostly in this country but affected foreign citizens should be tried at home.


In principle this should be good news for Gary McKinnon and for the other people facing unfair extradition to the USA and to a lesser extent , to the European Union.

However, we wait to see the detail of exactly what is officially announced about this "independent review".

The Hiome Office civil servants and their legal advisors and the Judiciary were also supposed to be "independent", but they have failed to protect United Kingdom sovereignty and the human rights of British citizens caught up in extradition bureacracy.

Will any "new powers" be put in place in time to prevent Gary McKinnon's extradition to the USA ?