The Daily Telegraph: Gary McKinnon's mother in tears after snub from Alan Johnson

The Daily Telegraph reports about the depressing performance of Home Secretary Alan Johnson at the House of Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs oral evidence session on extradition:

Gary McKinnon's mother in tears after snub from Alan Johnson

The mother of Gary McKinnon, the internet hacker fighting extradition to the United States, broke down in tears yesterday after Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, allegedly refused to talk to her.

By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent
Published: 6:50PM GMT 10 Nov 2009

During a break in a hearing before a House of Commons committee, Janis Sharp attempted to discuss her son's case with Mr Johnson, who shook her hand but walked on in silence.

Earlier, Mrs Sharp had given moving evidence in which she told MPs that the 43-year-old autism sufferer would rather die than be extradited to the United States.


Presumably this was witnessed by the journalists reporting on this Select Committee session, but the Home Office spin doctors seem to be pushing a different version of the encounter.

It was alleged that Mr Johnson "snubbed" Mrs Sharp during the hearing on Tuesday, but a Home Office spokesman has denied the claim.

"It is not true that the Home Secretary walked pass Mrs Sharpe in silence.


When Mr Johnson appeared before the committee, however, he said that he had no discretion over the extradition process, and was merely considering the new medical evidence while Mr McKinnon's lawyers considered whether to refer his case to the European Court in Strasbourg.