Daily Mail: Betrayal of a naive hacker: Why are our MPs doing nothing to help Asperger's victim Gary?

The Daily Mail is a right of centre, politically powerful, daily newspaper, and it is wholeheartedly supporting Gary McKinnon in his legal fight against extradition to the USA, with today's front page article, and subsidiary articles, including their own online petition.

An affront to British Justice

Dear Home Secretary,

I believe the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the U.S. is unjust and inhumane because as an Asperger's sufferer a long prison sentence would be catastrophic for his mental health.

I urge you to use your discretion to allow him to be tried by an English court.

You can also contact Home Secretary Alan Johnson, independently of the Daily Mail:

You can send an email public.enquiries@ homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk or a letter to:

Home Secretary
Rt Hon. Alan Johnson MP
c/o Direct Communications Unit
Home Office
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